About Us

Delta Systems & Automation Inc (Delta) has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Ilapak SA of Lugano Switzerland since 2007.

DS&A is based in Rogers, AR and is housed in a 55,000 square foot facility complete with machine shop, extensive spare parts facility, full engineering systems staff (including 3D modeling), sales, service and manufacturing.

Delta specializes in the manufacture of product handling, feeding and flow-wrapping systems for the food (bakery, confectionary, frozen, grocery), pharmaceutical, personal care and household product industries.  We run heat seal films, cold seal films, shrink films and hermetically sealable films.

All our products are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested at our Rogers AR facility.  We have hundreds of machines in place around the world running a wide variety of products. 

Horizontal Flow Wrappers – All available with:

Speeds to 1200/min
Choice of Control Platforms
Stainless Steel Wash-Down versions
Hard or Shrink Films
CE Compliance
Integrated Base Card Feeders
Integrated Robotic Feeding

Row Handling Systems Including:

Lift Tables
Drop Tables
Row Aligners
Row Spreaders
Row Breakers
Buffer Storage
Vibratory Conveyors

Other Product Handling Including:

Servo driven Lane Diverts
Channeling Boars
Slide Plates
Orientating Plates
Bar Turning
Profile Stations

Infeeds & Smart Belts

Smart Belts Feeders
Low Pressure Smart Belt Feeders
Non Contact Smart Belt Feeders
On Edge Infeeds
Multi Chain Infeeds
Base Card Feeders
Bucket Infeeds

Specialty Equipment:

Bag Handling Systems
(From Vertical Baggers)
Tray Loaders
Slug Loaders
Shuttle Feeders
Servo Train Collators
Servo Overhead sweeps




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