Primary Packaging Systems

Delta Systems & Automation, Inc. develops innovative packaging and fulfillment control systems. Our primary packaging systems, which are designed around the SoftflowTM technology, are currently used in the confectionery, snack and bakery industries.

A primary packaging system consists of distribution equipment, in-feed systems and wrapping machines.

The primary packaging process involves taking a product (such as candies or cookies) from the processing area and distributing it to one or several wrapping stations. At these stations complex infeed systems then feed the product precisely into the wrapping equipment at speeds of 200 to 1,000 packages per minute.

The Delta Difference

The key benefits of Delta's SoftflowTM-driven primary packaging systems include:

  • Increased Speed and Efficiency: Softflow's virtual automation control system is faster and more efficient than conventional systems

  • Lower Capital Cost: Delta's systems require only one computer, fewer machine parts and significantly reduce integration costs

  • Lower Maintenance Costs: Delta's systems offer lower maintenance costs due to greater ease of maintenance and reduced requirements for spare parts

  • Faster Recognition Time: Avoids significant production downtime resulting from new product change-over periods

  • Shorter Project Lead Time: Softflow's C.A.S.E. tool approach significantly reduces the time required for code configuration and allows for simpler mechanical design

  • Increased System Flexibility: Softflow's open architecture is compatible with all currently marketed automation control systems from relevant major suppliers

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