Delta’s Hawk Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Standard Features:

  • Aluminum plate construction

  • No product/No wrap

  • No gap/No seal

  • Keep-alive circuitry On Sercos based motors

  • Off-the-shelf components

Control Platform Features:

  • Full color swivel HMI touchscreen

  • Choice of control platforms

  • Choice of Sercos based motors

Optional Features:

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Wash down construction

  • automatic splicing

  • Integrated product feeding systems

Customers Include:

Technical Specifications

Delta’s Advantages:
• History of handling a wide range of product sizes and shapes
• Flexible, reliable and cost-efficient
• PC-controlled solution to motion control using Delta’s SoftFlow™ operating system
• Open-architecture system compatible with most computer systems and networks

Delta Also Offers:
Distribution systems
Custom design solutions
Software solutions

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