The innovative 'top-down' approach utilized by SoftFlowTM has redefined the meaning of productivity. Its technology integrates the components of the traditional three-box control system (Programmable Logic Controller, Motion Control and Human Machine Interface) into one PC-based application.

Tight Integration

  • Superior controls functionality uptime to maximize speed and yield.

  • Automated maintenance and diagnostic support to generate more production up-time.

  • Extremely fast custom application development.

  • Efficient multi-plant scalability.

Productivity at a Glance

SoftflowTM incorporates the following tools:

  • A highly configurable application environment.

  • 100% online editing of the PLC code and servo control.

  • Fast, deterministic and repeatable scan rates.

  • Real-time diagnostic tools.


  • Integration with popular database structures, PLCs, and MES software.

  • Real-time production floor data collection, networked to a plant server with production control and reporting capabilities.

Revolutionary Thinking. Real-time Results

Our 'one-box' approach to manufacturing systems and processes can help you achieve your business goals by:

  • Meeting engineering and project objectives on time and on budget.

  • Providing extensive expertise to satisfy your needs and outperform the competition.

  • Harnessing the power of your investment in both machine capital and plant resources.

  • Bridging the gap between disparate manufacturing information and process automation investments.

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